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Whats an event code? Why do I need one?
Event codes are assigned to each competition we attend. Think of an event code as a method to view specific photos from specific competitions.

By entering an event code you will have access to all the photos that were taken at that event. After entering an event code you will be taken to the photo viewing area of our site where you may view and order photos from specific performances.

How long before my photos are online?
It is out intention to get photos from your competition online within a few days after the competition. In some cases it may take up to a week. In any event we always try to have your photos available asap. If you have recently attended a competition and do not see your photos, please check back soon.

How long are photos from my competition online?
In general we make available photos from competitions for about 6 months. After 6 months we remove photos of older competitions from our site. Photos are then archived in the event any future requests are made. If photos for a competition you attended have already been removed, prints can still be requested. If you would like to order photos from an archived event please send us a request from our contact us form.

I recently placed an order, how long before I receive it?
Prints for orders placed are printed twice each week. After your order has been printed it will be shipped standard first class mail. Normally you should receive your order within a week after it was placed. In some cased due to circumstances beyond our control and with recent changes implemented by the US Postal service your order may take longer to arrive.

I forgot to pick up my photos I ordered while at the competition, Now what?
At the time you ordered you were required to provide your mailing address. If you provided us with a true and accurate mailing address we will mail you your photo when we return to our office. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive any orders that were not picked up on-site.

I can not locate our teams photos, what do I need to do?
Team photos from performances are located under the team name. In some cases teams performance order was altered during the days activities. Look in same or similar teams names, in some instances photos may have been combined with similarly named teams.

What is a digital photo download?
Digital photo downloads offer you an inexpensive way to download all the photos for your performance. With the purchase of digital photo downloads you can place the low-resolution photos on your team or personal website. The low resolution photos are suitable for small prints as well. Small prints such as 3"x5" maximum. If you want high-resolution photos that allow for printing larger prints you will want to check out our photo cd's.

Can our orginazition hire National to photograph our competitions?
The short answer to this is Absolutely! However we would like to speak with your coordinator to get additional specific information regarding your dates and location. Please call us or request our services by completing our contact us form. Ph: 352-536-1983

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